The Meanings of Different Rose Colors

Today is Valentine’s Day, meaning candy, balloons and flowers galore. Since this is one of the most popular times of year for giving bouquets of roses, we at Marvin Gardens thought it would be helpful and fun to share the meaning of different rose colors. You may not want to choose randomly, since roses are usually interpreted differently by their pigmentation. Here’s some of the rose colors and what they symbolize, in sum:

  • Red roses, of course, stand for love, so they’re especially popular on February 14.
  • Pink can show admiration and appreciation.
  • Yellow roses stand more for friendship and happiness.
  • White exemplifies purity and fresh starts, as well as remembrance.
  • Orange is the color for passion.
  • And lavender roses are a bit whimsical, great for symbolizing “love at first sight.”

For more details on rose colors and what they symbolize, you can check out this helpful guide from Pro Flowers.

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