New Garden Elements Arriving Daily at Marvin Gardens

Marvin Gardens - Teak Driftwood Rhino
This teak driftwood rhino is a fabulous example of the specialty pieces you'll find at our shop!

You guessed it – May is one of our favorite months of the year here at Marvin Gardens! As our clients are getting their gardens primed and ready for spring blooms, we are busy making sure that our shop is stocked with one of a kind garden elements that complement those blooms like nothing else.

We already shared with you how our selection of custom cast iron urns is second to none, but we also take the same approach to the entire inventory at our shop. To create a unique garden, you need unique garden décor, so we search high and low for these one of kind pieces. We’re also thrilled to custom design and custom make pieces to suit your garden perfectly. And since new pieces are arriving daily, every time you stop in for a visit you’ll find new inspiration.

If you have an eye for outdoor style or you’d like to learn more about it, we invite you to experience Marvin Gardens this spring!

Highlight Your Plants With Exclusive Garden Accessories!

You never know what unique finds you'll discover at Marvin Gardens!

Though the winter months here in the northeast can seem long and dreary, we enjoy the season because it allows us to revamp and build anticipation for all that we’re planning for the year ahead! The Marvin Gardens style, as many of you know, is not something that can be found in traditional garden stores or volume dealers, but rather, it is a style of collections and personal embellishments that make your landscape much more exclusive.

In our preparation for the year ahead, we are once again bringing you the fantastic re-purposed industrial bins and agriculture containers that we are famous for. We’re proud to bring these back because of the way that clean lines enhance the free form and loose structure of live plant material in the garden – a brilliant way to highlight your plants!

Using the look of our products creates a style and a scene that truly sets your landscape apart from others. To guarantee that you’ll have a garden worth bragging about, view more of our products by looking through our pictures on the Marvin Gardens Facebook Page!