Surround Your House With Flowers

Give your home the “impact statement” it wants to make this spring. It’s not difficult. Actually, it can be done just by adding a few potted plants in the right areas.

For example, if you have a markedly unpretentious entryway, a few simple terra-cotta pots of geraniums, petunias or pansies would probably do it great justice. If you set them on a stairway, be sure to set them as close to the rail as possible to allow free passage.

These same blooms can accentuate a pale, shingled wall on porch. The porch would form the perfect backdrop for a few colorful ceramic pots. Given basic care, these trouble free performers will shine for you all summer long.

What do you think about these simple yet effective gardening and decorating ideas? If you have any thoughts or ideas of your own, we’d love to hear them?

Photo Credit: Sunset Books, Norm Plate

3 Great Tulip Varieties For Your Spring Garden

Angelique Tulips

A serious gardener knows that there are several different types of bulbs that should be considered when planting a garden. Among most’s list of favorites are tulips. They offer a great variety to choose from!

Here are a few suggestions of tulip varietals that you may want to consider when planning your garden this spring…

  • Fusilier – these┬áproduce a bouquet of red-orange blooms on each stem. They also tends to reliably come back every year and bears many brightly colored blooms per stem. They bloom best in mid spring.
  • Black Parrot – with their fringed and twisted petals, the ‘Black Parrot’ is an especially nice choice with dark purple blooms. At two-feet tall on average, they are one of the most dramatic, showstopping tulips available.
  • Angelique – these may be the most elegant of all of the tulip varietals. They bloom in late spring and offer a gorgeous color and a great fragrance.

Do you need assistance in figuring out which tulips may best suit your garden? That’s what Marvin Gardens is here for. Contact us and we’ll be glad to help!