Boasting Architectural Individuality in Your Garden

Recently, we illustrated to you some of the bold looks that can be achieved through the use of wrought iron products in your garden. Similarly, we have come across some equally as beautiful, large architectural elements that can be used in landscape design that will not only enhance the style of your exterior, but often have a fascinating story to tell as well.

When we come across these unique garden elements, their size, history, and potential, constantly surprise us. Often using these items in a completely different way, we can achieve an innovative design that stresses individuality and is far from the “mass replication” that we see so often in larger companies. This passion of ours can be seen easily by viewing some of our past products below.

Architectural Garden Elements

Large Teak Root Ball

Architectural Garden Elements

Garden Cloche

Architectural Garden Elements

Hand Hewn Antique Beams

Architectural Garden Elements

Iron Sculpture made from Reclaimed Agricultural Elements

To see more of our architectural garden elements, just stop by Marvin Gardens.

Wrought Iron Inspirations for Your Spring Garden

You have probably already starting planning the lavish and distinctive elements for your landscape this year. As you all are well aware, at Marvin Gardens we value the uniqueness of each and every landscape element. Whether a piece is of personal value for you or if it something you handpicked from our shop, distinctive landscape elements enable each of us to unleash a new appreciation for creativity!

One garden element that has always been a favorite of ours is the use of wrought iron in driveways, garden gates, fencing, and other features. The look promotes a bold style that is as classic as it is elegant. Just take a look at these images for some wrought iron inspiration.

What do you think you could do with some of these pieces?

wrought iron
wrought iron
wrought iron

wrought iron

wrought iron

As always, our inventory at Marvin Gardens is constantly changing so be sure to stop to see what unique garden items we currently have available!

The Topiary Traditions of Pearl Fryar

Every now and then, we come across the work of designers and artists that is so impressive that we are immediately compelled to share it with you, our Marvin Gardens readers; such is the work from Pearl Fryar.

After moving with his wife to South Carolina during the 1980s, Pearl Fryar set out to create a garden worthy of the local garden club’s Yard of the Month award. His motivation came from the community, as they expected that the African American couple would not keep up their yard properly. At the time, he knew nothing of gardening yet fashioned his three acre garden from salvaged plants from a local garden center’s throwaways. In doing so, he created a garden full of distinctive shapes and garden artwork.

topiary design

Pearl Fryar went on to create incredible topiary designs though he had no formal training in horticulture or art. His work can now be seen anywhere. From local colleges and his hometown, to the Phillip Simmons Garden in Charleston and the South Carolina State Museum, his topiaries are certainly captivating.

He states:

“Gardening books will tell you that some of these things in my garden can’t be done, but I had never read them when I got started. Not knowing ahead of time that something is supposed to be impossible often makes it possible to achieve. I didn’t have any limitations because I really didn’t know anything about horticulture. I just figured I could do whatever I wanted with any plant I had.”

topiary design

What do you think of these topiary designs? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

Source and images via GardenHistoryGirl

Showcasing the Marvin Gardens Product Line!

When you visit Marvin Gardens (or our new satellite location at Hiden Galleries!) you can expect to have a new shopping experience. Rather than stocking our shop with generic products that can be found at any landscaping store, Marvin Gardens features products that stimulate your creativity. With dozens of unique planters, urns, and other garden accessories, you’ll be able to make your landscape a true original. If you’re looking for something specific, we likely carry that too. Take a look at the impressive Marvin Gardens Product Line.

Cast Iron Urns

Wrought Iron Driveway, Garden Gates, and Fencing

Cast Stone and Cement Planters

Zinc and Lead Planters 

Contemporary and Vintage Statuary 

Vintage Birdbaths 

Vintage Industrial Bins

Metal Folk Art Animals





Custom Iron Sculptures

Antique and Vintage Architectural Elements 

Interior Furnishings and Accessories 

Vintage and Antique Lighting

Antique Hand Hewn Beams and Floorboards

Specialty/Exotic Perennials and Annuals such as Citrus Trees 

Australian Tree Ferns 

Succulents and Tillandsia 

Vintage Garden Tools 

Garden Design Services

And a multitude of other Garden Elements and Accessories!

Wondering how to incorporate these items into your landscape? We would be happy to help! Just stop by Marvin Gardens at 713 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT to get started!

With unique plants such as this Tillandsia Xerographica, we can help you create a sophisticated, original garden.

Delighted to Become a Part of Hiden Galleries!

This year is all about new opportunities for our team here at Marvin Gardens! Already this year we have been delighted to continue sharing our love for bringing together distinctive and intriguing elements for home designs that transcend traditional trends. In support of our efforts to continue to expand our collections and make them available to you, you will soon find Marvin Gardens at Hiden Galleries in Stamford, Connecticut.

hiden galleries from above
Hiden Galleries offers guests a wonderful opportunity to find truly unique elements for their homes.

Within the antique district of Stamford, Hiden Galleries (47 John Street, Stamford, CT) is the premier location for lovers of all things antique and vintage. The 48,000 square foot showroom houses 275 antique and artisan dealers offering some of the finest decorative furniture, artwork, and garden pieces in the tri-state area.

Marvin Gardens has had the distinct opportunity of becoming a part of Hiden Galleries and will soon offer our products at Booth #1424. Our location will evoke the conservatory style setting with both the indoor and outdoor living pieces that we’re known for. You’ll find plenty of cast iron urns, vintage and antique garden element, as well as patio furniture!

Over the next week we will be moving into our newest location and sharing all the updates with each of you! Once we get settled in, we hope you will all join us in celebrating this exciting addition by stopping by for a visit!

Image via Hiden Galleries

Four Reasons to Attend the Philadelphia International Flower Show

As we shared with you a few weeks ago, this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show is quickly approaching! To be held from Sunday, March 4 through Sunday, March 11, the annual event will once again bring together some of the finest garden talents in all of the world. In fact, since Marvin Gardens will also be one of the exhibitors in attendance, we encourage all of our readers to do the same! Here are four of our favorite reasons we think you should attend the Philadelphia International Flower Show.

1. Exceptional Talent of Designers

 This show is dedicated to showcasing the finest talent in today’s garden design. Creative designers worldwide who have spent decades perfecting their work will be on hand to showoff their skill!

2. Evening Outings

The Garden Show isn’t just a daytime event. Be sure to keep up with information about the Flower Show Preview Party, Wedding Wednesday, Girls’ Night, and other evening events.

3. Events for Everyone

During the daytime events at the show, you’ll find activities for everyone. There will be culinary demonstrations, wine tasting, a Garden Tea, and garden lectures.

4. Proceeds Support PHS

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) receives tremendous support from the Garden Show each year. Proceeds allow the PHS to continue to “improve the quality of life and create a sense of community through horticulture.”

To learn more about what we have been up to at Marvin Gardens, just subscribe to our blog by entering your email address on our blog home page!

flower show waterfall
Each year, we find that the Philadelphia International Flower Show gives us an extra boost of enthusiasm for the approaching spring season.


Image via berrihol

Create a Garden Defined By Your Style

gardenThere’s something to be said for the remarkable gardens that take your breath away. Have you ever experienced one? These are gardens that combine unique design attributes with a flawless choice of plants to accent the garden’s style. To create a garden of your own that resembles this deluxe level of detail, now is the time for you to begin your brainstorming! Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Begin by drawing up a site plan. This is where your brainstorming efforts are put to paper! Sketch out ideas for plant beds, borders, and any accents you might like to have.

Next, choose the right plants. First think of your favorite plants. Chances are, since your favorite plants reflect your personal style, they will probably suit your garden style well. Also consider the textures, colors, blooming periods, and shapes of these plants, ensuring that they complement each other well.

Finally, head to Marvin Gardens and choose some design elements to showcase your plants. Our urns, planters, and trellises to name a few, are an ideal way to finalize the style of your garden.

For more garden inspiration, plan a trip to Marvin Gardens early! Contact us by calling 203-544-2020 today.

Inspired by the Garden Rooms of the Northeast

Here in the Northeastern United States, we have some of the finest, most romantic gardens in all of the country. Our incredible climate gives us the ability to experience each season thoroughly and enjoy its many benefits. As the year continues, we’ve had our eye on some of these beautiful gardens rooms found in the northeast. These “rooms” offer a beautiful garden retreat for its owners while also being able to take in the outdoors surroundings.

Garden Room
Garden Room Garden Room

Garden Room

As you know, Marvin Gardens provides the garden accessories and landscaping materials to make garden rooms of this nature perfectly unique. If you’d like to recreate your garden into a private garden room, just visit Marvin Gardens for inspiration! We have devised innovative and creative ways to create this sort of environment right in your back yard.

Images via BHG (1-3), Marvin Gardens (4)

Think Outside of Your Garden Box!

With just one visit to our shop here at Marvin Gardens, you’ll notice something a little different. Unlike traditional landscape stores and garden centers, Marvin Gardens is ripe with bold, innovative ideas for your home garden.


There is much more to creating a stunning landscape than having a green thumb. Though flowers and plants provide a lovely backdrop, for a truly remarkable home, your outdoor scenes should be expressive of your inner creativity. Bringing in old items and finding new ways to use them, or in finding something new to repurpose, we can create a new product – a new landscape that is worth boasting about.


That’s why our team at Marvin Gardens searches high and low for unique, special pieces for your home. In designing this way, your home becomes a true representation of your individual style and something no one else can imitate.

 antique truck

For closer look at our unique and blended garden style, stop by our shop or browse our photos at the Marvin Gardens Facebook page!

Lose the Winter Blues When You Remember the Northeast Natives!

With plenty of snow in the forecast, it looks like the cold weather is certainly settling in here in the Northeast! Though the winter weather isn’t a surprise for us, it can make our landscapes and outdoors a little dreary and depressing. To liven up your thoughts on exteriors and give you a peak into the spring, today we’d like to feature some of our most favorite plants and flowers that are native to our New England climate. Looking through the images will give you something to look forward to for the spring and it’ll also give you the opportunity to envision how  the beautiful garden accessories from Marvin Gardens will fit into your garden style!

The Wild Anemone 

Northeast Native Plants

Lovely Merrybells 

Northeast Native Plants

 The Easter Bluestar

Northeast Native Plants

 Swamp Milkweed 

Northeast Native Plants

Each of these lovely flowers provide a bit of color to your garden and are relatively easy to grow. To learn more about how to plan for your gardens and landscape design this year, just give us a call at 203-544-2020. We would love to share with you how to go outside the boundaries of garden design!

Images via BHG