How We Work

Working with Marvin Gardens is an experience.

If you’re interested in amassing a collection of objects for your home that conveys a strong sense of individuality and energy, you’ve found your creative partner in Marvin Gardens.

The owner, Amabel Chan, is constantly searching for home and garden elements that can be used both indoors or outdoors — whether antique, vintage and contemporary or traditional — to accessories with timeless form and function with a goal of crafting a genuinely unique ambiance that cannot be found elsewhere.

The current range of services offered by Marvin Gardens include interior and exterior design, on-site container planting, re-upholstery, custom-made tables, consoles and bookcases, furniture refinishing and contractor service referrals for renovation, electrical, plumbing, custom cabinetry, painting, lawn maintenance and stonework. As the business grows, more services and range of products continually expands.

“At Marvin Gardens, style is created and there are forcible efforts to move away from trends,” says Chan. “Our design philosophy encourages risk-taking on the homeowner’s part and the willingness to incorporate unusual and unexpected elements.”

Marvin Gardens product line includes an extremely large selection of outdoor iron, cement and stone containers, iron sculpture,  interesting architectural elements, wrought iron garden and driveway gates, antique floorboards and hand hewn beams. There is also a selection of interior furnishing and accessories (antique, vintage, mid-century and modern), lighting and home décor accents,

There are also numerous repurposed items as Chan notes the many opportunities for homeowners to reinvent or repurpose their existing furnishings. One of Marvin Gardens main goals is to determine whether or not the client has furniture/accessories with good form. If so, Chan strives to incorporate these pieces into the design and then move to the design’s “bones.”

For services that are beyond Marvin Gardens scope, the store provides great resources for clients to select architects, home builders, landscape designers, commissioned artists, etc. Through this foundation, known as Eleven Shades of Grey, local artisans, companies and others with entrepreneurial spirit,  come together to create a sense of community.

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