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A View From the Top

Exactly how much of a role does a staircase play in your home design? More and more, this centerpiece is becoming less of functionality — although it always will be — and more of an opportunity for some design creativity in the home. Every aspect of it from its flooring, to how it winds –straight stairway or spiral?—presents an opportunity for fun.

Take a peek at some photos we found from MaterialGirlsBlog.

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Photos courtesy of Buckingham Interiors + Designs.

The Many Uses for Mulch!


Closely related to edging is mulching. We know we should mulch to suppress weeds and conserve water, but mulch also serves an esthetic purpose, according to About.Com. The educational site notes that If the color combination of dark soil and green leaves can make an impact with an edge, why not bring that impact throughout your garden? The darker the mulch, the more your plants will stand out. The shredded cedar mulch is a fine choice in general, for mulch, but the pale rusty color doesn’t do much to enhance the golden leaves of the hakonechloa grass.

 Another benefit of mulch is that it can be used to nicely frame various plants. Here, the yellow seems to brighten when played against dark mulch. You can see the shape and texture more clearly.

 Visit About.Com for more information.