Edwardian Style Was a Breath of Fresh Air After Stuffy Victorian Era

Queen Victoria had reigned for the best part of a century, and it was the beginning of a new century with a new king, King Edward VII, on the throne. But his reign was to be brief, lasting a mere nine years. After the heaviness, clutter and dark colours of Victorian interiors, people wanted something new and cheerful, writes BBCHome.com. Edwardian style was a breath of fresh air.

Influenced by Queen Anne and Art Nouveau, Edwardian style was fresh and light with many floral patterns, pastel colors, wicker furnishings and all with a feminine touch. Interested in introducing some Edwardian touches into your homescape?  BBC Home has a list of excellent tips.

A few highlights:

Wallpaper – choose wallpapers with a fresh, cheerful feel such as florals of roses, lilac, wisteria, and sweet peas, with trellises, ribbons and bows. Stripes are also typical – go for something simple but rich for dining rooms such as a gold damask and white, and candy stripes for bedrooms. It was considered too much to have both a dado rail and a frieze: most people papered up to the dado rail and then papered or painted the wall above that with plain paper or distemper.

Lincrusta – put up some lincrusta – embossed wallpaper – introduced in 1877. It has an almost rubber-like texture and comes in beautiful art nouveau designs. It is still being made today. It can be painted any colour although cream is probably best.

Colour schemes – choose pastel colour schemes in the colours of flowers – primrose yellows, leaf greens, the lilac of wisteria, and grey. Living rooms can take darker colours such as dark green for fabrics and cream walls.

Photo Credit: Geograph