Something Fun for the Little Ones

There are few things that children enjoy more than getting their hands on some nice sharp crayons and a blank canvas. Unfortunately and all too often, the nice clean walls in our homes are mistaken for that “blank canvas”.  And as we all know, once a crayon even so much as touches the surface of a wall — especially a white one — the chances of completely removing every trace of the waxy substance is virtually hopeless. That’s why we’ve fallen completely in love with the idea of chalkboard paint. It’s not the newest of interior trends, mind you, but it is one of the most useful and practical ones around.

This is how it works:

  • Choose a wall (or section of a wall) in your home that you’d like to paint. While many people choose a child’s  room, keep in mind that kitchens, patios, play rooms and garages are great rooms for chalkboard paint, too.
  • Once you’ve chosen the wall, take a damp cloth and dust it off to remove and loose dirt and debris.
  • Then, begin painting! That’s right, walls that will be painted with this type of paint don’t need to be primed because the paint it self is so dark.

Once it had dried, kiddies can grab all the chalk they want and go to town on this very appropriate blank canvas!

Photo Credit: Bloesem Kids