Add a Touch of Cottage Style to Your Home

There’s no better time than summer to touch your home up with light cottage décor. “Cottage” style can incorporate so many different elements that make the season from –everything form the breeze of a beach house to the warmth of a county inn. In fact one of the most tantalizing things about cottage style is its implied “no-fuss” vacation-y energy, notes in a recent article of theirs called Simple Touches to Bring Cottage Style Decor into Your Home.

“Cottage style décor is reminiscent of vacation homes and small tucked away cabins that are no fuss, and all about leisure and a slower paced lifestyle.  You can achieve this look in your home with the following touches to bring cottage style décor into your favorite spaces. Whether its summer or winter, who doesn’t love laid back interiors to come home to?”

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Whites, neutrals, and colors inspired by the beach are very common in cottage décor. Sun bleached hues of blues, and greens give a sense of weathered interiors. Cottage inspired décor looks like it has been there for years.
Try combining modern materials coupled with cottage décor – the results can be beautiful! The kitchen is the perfect place to add modern marble or granite counters, paired with cottage inspired cabinetry.

Photo Credit: Freshome