The Coziness of Aqua and Brown

We’ve been blogging a lot recently about landscape and garden design, as well as the different types of flowers and greenery that you may want to include in your own outdoor paradise. Well, I’d like to spend a little bit of focus on interior design elements this week. One important aspect of which is color schemes.

A good color scheme will bring your home’s interior together. How one goes about choosing a color scheme usually reflects their personality and tastes. If only it could be as easy as just picking your favorite colors and then painting.

Better Homes and Gardens just published a really nice article on the popular “in-style” color schemes that really work well together. Here is one of my favorites…

Aqua & Brown

“Warm and soothing doesn’t have to be boring. An aqua coverlet and crisp white sheets keep the room on the fresh side of cozy.”