How to care for tillandsia plants

Tillandsias are an interesting type of tropical plant that is part of the bromeliad family, which includes pineapples and similar ornamentals. They are often referred to as “air plants” because they do not require soil to grow. Tillandsias are sensitive to frost– so they work best indoors, in plenty of sunlight.

The plant is relatively easy to care for, but it’s not intuitive. Here are some tips on how to foster the growth of your Tillandsia so that it may bloom for years to come.

1.) It’s best to purchase a fully grown Tillandsia from a nursery, as it will take years before seeing a bloom on a seed-started plant.

2.) House the Tillandsia in a container with holes in the bottom. The plant requires dry-out time in between waterings. If your container fills with water, you must empty it.

3.) If you want to mount the Tillandsia instead, attach it to the desired surface with wire, twist ties, fishing line or any other fixative.

4.) Tillandsia must be fertilized every month, from March through October. Over-fertilizing will burn the plant, so dilute the fertilizer mixture into one-quarter strength.

5.) Snip off the extra offshoots, or pups as they’re called, that grow at the base of the plant. If you’d like to start a new Tillandsia from an existing one, the right time to separate a pup is when it is half the size of its primary plant.

Tillandsia is a simple way to add greenery and blooms to a room without having to worry about potting soil and stringent sunlight requirements. Ask Marvin Gardens to incorporate Tillandsia in your home!

Photo source: Ut1ma