Seven ways to perk up your picnic area

You’ve been meaning to spend more time in your backyard to eat, hang out and relax. But perhaps you haven’t found the motivation to follow through on that personal promise because your patio is a little on the “blah” side. Sounds like your picnic area could use a pick-me-up. Here are seven simple tweaks you can do to recharge your yard and get you outdoors!

1.) A pretty canopy shields you from the sun and adds coziness.

2.) Cross-pollinate colors from the garden into your tables settings, from runners to utensils, to complement the blooms.

3.) Swap out an ordinary window facing the garden for stained glass.

4.) Add a festive all-weather rug that will invite others to step into the area.

5.) Layers of various lighting lend warmth to a night sky.

6.) Bring the indoors to the outdoors… or at least give the appearance with more weather-friendly items. Use mildew-resistant cushions, rust-repellent floor lamps and metal-framed mirrors.

7.) Create a tiled “rug.” Concrete pavers arranged into any shape, then covered with mesh-backed tile, give the illusion of a hard-topped area rug to keep your table and chairs straight.

Marvin Gardens can turn your run-of-the-mill garden into an enjoyable sanctuary that will make you not want to go back inside!

Photo source: This Old House; e3000;