fiddle leaf fig tree in sunroom

Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

One of the most beautiful uses of an indoor plant can be seen in the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Its gorgeous leaves enliven a room and make it feel fresh. Bringing this bit of vogue into the room doesn’t come without costs however. The tree must be well taken care of to survive indoors, so we thought we’d share with you the best way to care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

fiddle leaf fig tree in sunroom

Before watering the tree, make sure that the top soil is dried out. Then, water the tree slowly around the stem and continue around to the outside of the soil. Stop watering once you see water coming into the bottom tray. If you don’t have a tray to judge by, use about 3-4 cups of water in all. Also consider keeping a close eye on the tree – some weeks might require more watering than others. Another way to care for the tree is to give it some fresh air once in a while. Avoid especially hot or cold air, but take advantage of mild breezes.

fiddle leaf fig tree in breezeway

Taking special care of this extraordinary tree is well worth the effort. It looks fantastic in a variety of interior settings and complements any space well. For more ideas on beautiful plants for your indoors, contact Marvin Gardens.

Photos courtesy of Habitually Chic.