Add Some Fall Color to Your Landscape

While we certainly can’t say that summer doesn’t offer some of the most beautiful foliage around with its glowing hydrangeas, freesia and carnations galore, there’s something uniquely magical about a fall landscape. Here in Wilton, CT, we’re fortunate enough to be able to experience a full turn of four seasons throughout the year that brings these robust seasonal landscapes to life. But what about our dear friends to the south in places like sunny Savannah and tropical Miami Beach? Shouldn’t they get to experience this lush fall landscape we’ve come to know and love here in New England as well?! Luckily, there are a handful of plants that you can still add to your landscape to introduce a fall look even if you live in an area where summer cools down softly into a slight winter and many leaves simply go brown before they drop.

Marvin Gardens would like to present you with a few plant varieties that fare well in a number of different climates.

From ThisOldHouse:

All of them dazzle in the fall, and, as a bonus, many also put on a show in other seasons, too, with flowers in the spring or summer, fruit later in the year, and interesting bark in the winter.



Katsura Tree

Witch Hazel


Photo Credit: This Old House