Jacqueline van der Kloet’s Tips for Planning a Spring Tulip Garden

Marvin Gardens recently came across these beautiful images of spring tulips and daffodils in the Garden Design Magazine article with fall planting tips from expert garden designer, Jacqueline van der Kloet. There are only a couple more weeks left to plant your favorite bulbs, so let take a look at Jacqueline’s helpful advice for gardeners who are planning their winter plot now.

van der Kloet's signature "sprinkling" method

Mix in some fritillaria bulbs. While these flowers are beautiful, Jacqueline suggests them because their odor offends many animals and deters them from making a meal out of your garden’s daffodils and tulips.

Before planting bulbs, take a look at the surrounding trees and consider whether the trees will grow and leaf out and shade the ground below them. Bulbs need lots of sun!

Shut off the sprinkler—the biggest problem with getting bulbs to come back is overwatering as the moisture can rot the bulbs before they ever have a chance to bloom in the spring.

Finally, if you’d like your tulip garden to look more like Jacqueline’s, try her signature “sprinkling” which means taking handfuls of bulbs and gently tossing onto the ground, to be planted where they fall.

A gilmspe at a van der Kloet's Spring Garden

Remember, fall is a great time to plant bulbs for spring because it gives the bulbs time to establish roots and settle in for winter.

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