Garden at Greenwich Estate

Cast Iron Plant Markers Bring a New Style to Garden Organization

Garden at Greenwich Estate
Taking on a spring garden is a fabulous way to enjoy the season!

As you think through all of the lovely flowers and plants you would like to plant in your gardens this year, what are some of your favorites that come to mind? Of course we love the succulents and sedums we mentioned last week, or the vibrant flowers of the spring season, but don’t forget to include your favorite herbs in the garden as well!

Growing your own herbs is a wonderfully rewarding experience. A garden full of fresh herbs means that they can be grown in an environment that you control and will be contained in a convenient place for cooking.

The only thing you’ll need? A little help with organizing your herb garden! At Marvin Gardens, we offer permanent herb markers to help you keep the herbs organized. The markers are made of cast iron, so not only are they beautiful, but they’ll last through the years to come. Now, labeling your lavender, oregano, basil, thyme, chives, and sage can be more convenient, and lovely than ever!

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