Garden Trellis

The Beauty of Growing a Garden Vertically

Though the organization in perfectly arranged rows of garden vegetables is endearing, there are many more options for vegetable gardening than you might imagine. One of our favorites is to bring in vertical interest by using an arbor or trellis. Garden Trellis

These structures have offered a sort of sanctuary-look for decades. They make a garden feel like a special destination or enclosed room, even when they’re dressed with simple vegetable plants rather than blooming flowers. These structures also make a lovely display for gardens that are tight on space, bringing the eye upward and taking advantage of new angles.

So, what grows best on trellises? Consider using vining crops that have tendrils for clinging – peas and beans are perfect for this. Another idea for non-climbers such as squash, melons, or tomatoes is to coax them upward using twine.

The process is simply incredible. A trellise begins as a beautiful visual anchor, then transforms with the growth of lush plants, and later becomes a beautiful harvest.


Source and image via Garden Design