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Add Character to Your Garden With Quirky and Adorable Goats

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Use one of these special Mexican Folk Art Goats as a way to find interesting elements to draw people into your garden and guide them toward its special features. The goats are made of recycled sheet metal and each have their own character. Group several in a grassy field to reinforce a pastoral scene, or place one to accentuate the entrance and greet visitors. You can introduce an element of surprise to the garden by revealing the goat at the end of a path, or to animate a private retreat.

For the animal lover, these goats offer some of the pleasures of the real thing!Pigs at the Pig Trough

Contact Marvin Gardens for more information about bringing one of these goats or other metal animals home with you!Goat Herd

garden design accessories
Image via Marvin Gardens Facebook

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Field of Goats