Why Bats Can be a Great Addition to Your Garden

Source: Flickr

If you are in the process of planning your garden for spring and summer, you may want to consider bats and how attracting them can be an advantage to your garden.

Bats do many things to help your garden grow and thrive. You can use bats as natural pollinators as they help plants flower and set their fruit. Bats are also good at naturally controlling pests in your garden, especially at night why you aren’t watching.

Here are some great ways you can attract bats to your garden.

  • Plant some night blooming flowers. Plants such as night-blooming jasmines, datura, and nicotiana  attract bats.
  • Install some bat houses. Build them yourself or purchase houses at the hardware store then place them around your garden.  This will encourage bats to stop and nest in your garden.
  • Add lights to your garden.  Lights will attract those insects that the bats love to eat, and the bats will see them and swoop in to enjoy them.
  • Add some more trees.  Trees will provide both food and homes for the bats.

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