More of La Fiorentiana…

La Fiorentina is such a beautiful place, we couldn’t resist giving you a few more shots this absolutely gorgeous place.

At the request of the villa’s owner Therese de Beauchamp, circa 1917, writer/architect-landscape gardener Ferdinand Bac sought to better distinguish the entrance with a kind of monumental pillar enclosure.

When interior decorator Billy Baldwin designed the interior for Mr. and Mrs. Harding Lawrence in the 1960’s, he used every imaginable shade of blue – from the sofa pillows to the checkerboard floor.

What are your thoughts on Baldwin’s vision (below)?

"There's a deep respect for good design whether it be of man or nature, old or new, indigenous or imported. It's all a part of the young vibrant American lifestyle the Lawrences have brought to La Fiorentina. And La Fiorentina, with reason, is absolutely delighted." - Billy Baldwin