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Indoor Decor That Deserves a Spot Outside

garden design Connecticut
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The warmer seasons open up outdoor spaces as an extension of your home. To make this space as equally welcoming and comfortable as your home, you can easily take furnishings from inside and place them in your yard or garden.

Items usually reserved for indoors such as a sturdy wooden tables, metal chairs or benches of any type can be incorporated into the design of your outdoor living space. A pop-up tent or removable gazebo over the furniture can turn it into an inviting area for your family and guests.

Instead of throwing away your old furniture, consider re-purposing it as pieces in your garden, as side tables, or as cozy spots to place your potted plants. Any kind of aluminum or metal decor can be used outside with little maintenance. Even for an outdoor garden, a few well-placed vases with plants or flowers can greatly add to your outdoor set-up.

A walk through Marvin Gardens can help inspire you to take your existing indoor decor or furniture and incorporate it into your porch, yard or garden. Get the most out of your outdoor space this year! For more information about Marvin Gardens, please contact our team.