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Top 5 Tools You’ll Need for a Spring of Gardening

gardening tips
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Having the right tools when planning your garden keeps the process simple and fun. It’s much more enjoyable to spend your time in the yard without the interruptions of having to get tools you forgot about or overlooked. To help you plan, we’ve compiled a short list of some essential items you’ll likely need for your spring garden:

  • Trowel
  • Hand Fork
  • Rake
  • Watering Can/Hose
  • Gloves

Digging and working the ground and soil are only part of the tools needed. After your plants or seedlings have been placed, they’ll need the right amount of water to flourish. Larger gardens may require a hose and attachment with adjustable settings while a smaller garden many benefit from a watering can. And often overlooked when preparing a garden is a comfortable pair of gardening gloves. Gloves keep the work more comfortable and assure your focus will be on the joy of gardening.

Every garden is different and Marvin Gardens can help determine what tools are right for you. Stop by Marvin Gardens’ new location for more helpful tips and information!