Custom gardens

Mini Plants for Mini People: Gardening With Children

Custom gardens
Image via Marvin Gardens Facebook

Gardening with children is a great way to keep them active during the summer months, and it can also be an opportunity to teach valuable life lessons. But, just as plants need room to grow, so do your children. Watch your children thrive this summer by giving them a garden of their very own.

When planning your garden, leave a special piece of land just for each child. The area can be as big or small you like. The point is to give them their own place to grow their own plants. This will not only help teach them the importance of responsibility, but will also foster creativity when it comes to unique plant combinations and locations.

As the season progresses and your garden grows, your children will learn the importance of proper care to ensure that their garden grows as lavish as possible. Though some mistakes may be inevitable, you can help your kids succeed by growing a variety of very low-maintenance succulents available at Marvin Gardens.

Kids love to get dirty. Indulge them with a shovel, a plot of dirt and plants from your local nursery, then watch as your children blossom with excitement at the sight of their own garden growing.  Feel free to share photos of their gardens!