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Koi Sculptures Bring Beauty Without Hassle

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Image via Marvin Gardens Facebook

Many gardeners think at one time or another about including a koi pond in their garden, but keeping and maintaining these delightful fish can be a burdensome task.  If you are thinking about adding one to your yard, there are some challenges to think about first.

To begin with, the initial investment for the design, materials and construction of the pond will run into the thousands of dollars.  Later costs for fish, energy, food and maintenance will keep adding up as well.  In addition, the time spent cleaning and maintaining a smoothly functioning pond can take away from the rest of your gardening, and enjoyment of your free time.

At Marvin Gardens, our folk art koi fish sculptures seem to swim through the flowers and plants of your garden.  These pieces will add whimsy and fun to your gardens while saving you the hassle of a full koi pond commitment. Contact us to talk about this and other ideas for creating a beautiful and unique low-maintenance garden design.