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Land and Sea: Ocean Inspired Gardens

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Image via Marvin Gardens Facebook

With summer just around the corner, gardeners and ocean lovers alike can share the natural wonders of the beach, colors of the ocean coral and the beauty of the unique plants right in their own gardens. Using ocean themed garden design ideas you can experience the beauty of the ocean all summer.

Oceans provide a landscape of picturesque coral reefs of many colors, shapes and sizes. Bursts of blue, orange and red cover the reefs and give way to unique shaped plants and rocks. Incorporating these colors and natural wood elements, along with various garden containers filled with shallow rooted plants will bring your garden design idea to life.

Choosing healthy, colorful plants and cacti in all sizes then pairing them with shells and barnacles throughout the garden easily merges the aesthetics of land and sea. Adding driftwood pieces along paths made of sea glass and pebbles create a beach-like effect. Seating for entertaining and unique lighting will take you back to the ocean each time.

Make your ocean garden one of a kind and add elements for entertaining or just relaxing. Visit us at Marvin Gardens to see our ocean-themed decor to inspire your own garden!