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Add a Touch of Woodland Whimsy to Your Garden Design

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Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Many people are attracted to the tranquility and peace that can be found within the forest.  The dappled light shining through the trees, the rustling sounds of branches, and the glimpses of woodland dwelling creatures create an almost fairy tale environment to enjoy on a warm summer morning.  With some creativity, you can bring this same atmosphere into your own garden. Here are a few garden design accessories ideas to consider:

  • Use woven branches for your fencing rather than the conventional picket fence.
  • Add a bird’s nest, with or without eggs in it. This accent can be placed in a bird bath that is not being used, a young tree that has not developed full foliage, or hidden somewhere in a garden seating area for guests to find.
  • Place vine plants in strategic places such as winding around the trunk of a nearby tree or along fencing. Use flowering vines to add color to the area.
  • Select foliage to space along your garden to enhance the feeling of a woodland floor. Excellent choices are plants that are native to Connecticut, which are low-maintenance and hardy.
  • Choose your trees carefully. This important element can be used to set the tone of your garden as well as providing shade or privacy.
  • Our large wood mushroom carvings can be strategically arranged throughout your garden to add an enchanted atmosphere.

Share your own ideas on how you create your woodland garden retreat on our Facebook page, and be sure to visit us to find whimsical woodland accessories for your own garden.