Use Skeleton Keys for an Antique Touch Around Your Home

Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

For people who love antique touches in their home and garden, few antiques have the personality and versatility of skeleton keys.  These small and beautifully designed trinkets have a wide variety of decorative applications that make them absolutely irresistible to collect.  If you want to unlock some antique charm in your home, consider these ideas for decorating with skeleton keys:

Frame skeleton keys to turn them into decorative wall art.  You can either hang the keys on the wall and hang an empty frame around them or you could get a shadow box decorated with parchment or scrapbook paper and arrange keys artfully within it.  Skeleton keys also display nicely hung on a simple piece of wood or arranged between photos or vintage-style artwork.

In addition to hanging beautifully on a wall, skeleton keys can be arranged with other objects to create a centerpiece for a table.  For example, you can tie a few keys around some candles with a pretty ribbon or arrange them on a vintage plate with some flowers or another, larger antique find.

Other great ideas include using skeleton keys in a bouquet or as a way to indicate seating for a dinner party. They can even be hung together in your garden as a fun wind chime.

If you want to get creative with skeleton keys in your home, be sure to stop by Marvin Gardens in Wilton, CT.  We have plenty of skeleton keys from which to choose!