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Raise a Glass to Gardening

garden accessories
Source: Marvin Gardens

One of the nice things about many small low-maintenance container plants is that you are not limited to the conventional terra cotta pot.  If the container of choice is large enough to accommodate soil and the roots of the plants, it can be just about anything.

Glasses make beautiful containers for miniature plant and succulents.  From wineglasses to martini glasses, these delicate containers bring some delightful and eccentric class to a garden or home interior.

The size and versatility of glass container gardens give them plenty of applications in your home.  You can use them to decorate your outdoor patio table or to arrange them into beautiful  centerpieces for a wedding.  They can line a mantel or the center of a dining room table, perhaps interspersed with tealight candles to create beautiful sparkling effects on the glass.  You can create individual pieces or group several together for an interesting effect.

The first thing to do is find glassware you love, whether it be wine glasses, champagne flutes or even margarita glasses. The size and style of glass you choose will determine the size of plants you will be able to grow.

Consider using some colorful accents in your glassware, such as colored gravel lining the outside of the soil or tiny fairy gardening accessories to add some whimsy to your pieces. Most importantly, have fun as you create these miniature masterpieces. As your plants thrive and grow, the time you invested will be well worth it.

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