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Uses for Decorative Bird Cages in the Home and Garden

garden accessories
Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Decorative bird cages are popular in the home, but they can also be used to decorate your garden or patio. Repurpose cages that you no longer want inside the house to create cost effective decorations with vintage flair. Here are a few ideas to help you fluff up your garden.

Create fairy tale lighting for your next nighttime¬†garden party. Hang birdcages from above, either from trees, trellises or overhanging plant hooks. Place several electrical tea light candles in each birdcage and voila–beautiful, subtle lighting for your party! For added sparkle, spray the cages with glitter glue before inserting the tea lights. You will have the magic of fairy lighting that is perfect for your summer garden party decor.

If you have a collection of mismatched wire bird cages, bring them back to life by painting them all in a single hue. Use inexpensive spray paint for a quick fix. White bird cages are a classic hue, but you can create a whimsical look with bright colors. Take your design a step further by rubbing away some of the wet spray paint to reveal the original coloring, and you will create instantly antiqued pieces. For a modern take, layer the antiqued birdcages inside one another to create an intriguing piece.

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