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Add Classical Beauty and Strength to Your Garden

garden accessories
Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Give your garden a classical Mediterranean look with stone and bronze sculptures from Marvin Gardens. These garden design accessories, which are inspired by ancient sculptures, are built to withstand severe weather while adding timeless beauty.

Add a statue of a strong Roman or Greek male on a pedestal base holding up an urn or column as a symbol of strength. This theme,  popular throughout Europe for centuries, can also enhance your pool house as it once decorated the Roman baths.

A  statue of a maiden balancing a flowering urn on her head can respresent the Caryatids of ancient Greece, who supported the columns of the Erechtheum temple at the Acropolis.

Statues and elegant Doric or Corinthian columns can be placed at the entrance to a garden, a courtyard, or near a water element.  The classical statue can be included in a recirculating fountain design with water streaming from the hands of a young woman or Neptune.

Statues carrying urns or various urn-shaped containers on pedestals are garden design accessories that can hold flowering plants and trees.  Urns, flowers and statues can be artfully arranged in groupings by professional landscape architects.

Find the perfect statue to accentuate your garden at Marvin Gardens.