Hate to Mow? Consider a Low-Maintenance Backyard Design

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Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

While almost everyone loves the look of a neatly manicured lawn, I really don’t know too many people that actually enjoy mowing. But mowing might just become a thing of the past if you decide on one of these great outdoor design ideas.

  • Grass isn’t always necessary. Perhaps your yard is heavily treed and growing grass has always been an exercise in futility; if that’s the case, stop trying and replace with trailing vines, decomposed granite or low maintenance drought resistance plants and shrubs.
  • If you still want grass, consider installing a no-mow lawn. The thick sod grows to have an almost shag rug appearance. Mowing isn’t necessary but can be done for a more manicured appearance.
  • Fill in your yard with evergreens and perennials. These are for the most part, very low maintenance, with just a bit of trimming to do once or twice a year. The evergreens stay green year round while the perennials add a touch of color during their blooming season. Consider staggering your perennials so you have something blooming during all the seasons.

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