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Understanding Container Soil


gardening tips
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Container gardening is gaining popularity at Marvin Gardens. Knowing what goes into container soils can determine the success or failure of your plants.

Different potted plants require different kinds of container soil. Annuals and perennials do best with an all-purpose mixture. Cacti and succulents need a more well-drained blend. Carefully read labels on potting soil bags to select the right type. More experienced gardeners with big projects ahead may want to mix their own container soil. Taking the time to blend your own potting soil can assure great success for your plants.

Container plants need both organic and inorganic material to flourish. The most common organic matter includes peat moss, manure that has been composted for a year, ground up pine bark, or crushed coconut hulls (coir) – excellent for retaining water. Perlite, vermiculite and coarse sand are inorganic materials that improve drainage in the container. Finally, decent garden soil should be mixed in – be careful that it is disease and pest free. A basic potting soil mix would include equal parts of all three components mentioned above.

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