Terrarium Inspiration

Terrariums can be the perfect accented touch to any room in your home, office or outdoor living space. Gardens under glass can prosper in nearly any enclosed object that allows light through and requires extremely low-maintenance, making them ideal for anyone. Of course, one of our favorite ways to build these little havens is to re-purpose an object, making the decor perfectly unique. You can easily re-purpose old bottles, vases, aquariums or even an old light bulb for your terrarium.

Image via Flickr

These tiny environments work perfectly as a centerpiece at your dining room table, or an urban environment that lacks that touch of nature, or even as an addition to your outdoor garden. Your terrarium design determines what plants you include and where you place it. Whatever plants you include in your terrarium need to have similar needs so the location suits them all the same. You can easily mimic a miniature desert, jungle, flower patch, beach or any imaginable environment regardless of where you live.

Anyone can create a terrarium and we encourage you to do so! For more information or tips to help get you started with your own terrarium contact us at Marvin Gardens, we can assist you in finding the perfect fit for any space in your life.