Springtime Containers: Fun Ways to Arrange Your Succulents

Image via Marvin Gardens

Succulents are great for any season, but while you need to wait until summer to really appreciate your floral arrangements, you can create and enjoy outdoor succulent arrangements as early as the last frost. Succulents are extremely versatile and easy to take care of, owing to their shallow roots, easy propagation, and tolerance of low moisture. The different colors, shapes, and sizes of succulent plants can be combined to create a myriad of arrangements.

You have many choices when choosing an arrangement for your succulents. While you could use a regular pot, if you’re feeling creative you can use more interesting containers. Here’s a beautiful example of a succulent arrangement we made using a stone container. Due to their shallow root system, you can even create vertical succulent arrangements, something you can’t easily do with floral arrangements. Vertical arrangements can even be laid into wreaths and other fun designs.

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