Concrete Accents That Style a Rain Garden

Image via Flickr

A rain garden is a wonderful innovation not only in containing natural beauty, but as a means of protecting and restoring natural resources as well. We also love rain gardens because of their ability to nurture and grow native plants, intercept runoff, infiltrate storm water to restore aquifers, reduce flooding, purify water and improve the base flow of streams and rivers. Further, a rain garden can be just as beautiful as it is useful with the proper concrete accents bringing contrast to the natural lushness.

Some Ideas include:

  • Concrete stones which can be used to bring the green elements together with the water elements for the purposes of creating lovely waterfall effects.
  • Concrete walkways that wind throughout the rain garden can not only offer a safe path to enjoy the garden on, but also offer a marvelous juxtaposition to the flora.
  • It is also important to have areas within your rain garden reserved strictly for the people seeking to enjoy it, as such combining a concrete base with matching outdoor furniture can create the perfect environment for a pleasant day or evening spent enjoying your rain garden.

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