garden greenhouse

Keep Your Plants Healthy and Safe With a Small Garden Greenhouse

Though summers in New England are beautiful, gardening successfully throughout the four seasons has its challenges. If you are ready to take the next step, a small greenhouse will allow you the flexibility and freedom to garden year round.

garden greenhouse
Image via Marvin Gardens Facebook

When designing an outdoor space, a greenhouse design is available for any size space. People have come up with extremely creative greenhouse designs that blend nicely into current landscapes. However, even a small greenhouse can provide you with the means for successful greenhouse gardening.

There are many advantages to using a greenhouse in your garden. By growing fresh vegetables and herbs in seasons other than summer, you can save on grocery expenses.  No season gardening means that  you control when you want to start or grow plants. In a greenhouse, you can start some plants ahead of time, delay plantings, or even grow plants not normally grown in your area, such as tropical plants.

You can consistently count on good weather in a greenhouse environment. There are no issues with wind, drought, or frost, all things that can damage young plants. Also, a greenhouse serves as good protection against outdoor pests.

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