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Create a Stunning Container Garden With These Tips

garden design ideas
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If you are looking for different garden design ideas, consider creating a stunning container garden to add new life to your existing garden. Container gardens can work both indoors and outside, and a well-designed container garden is like a miniature landscape of its own.

The first step is to get creative and choose an interesting container to act as your planter.  The container just needs to be large enough to house your plants and give their roots the space to grow, and it needs to have a drainage hole to prevent over-watering.

The next step is to choose your plants and soil.  You need potting mix for container gardens; regular garden soil doesn’t give your plants what they need when they are contained in a pot.

Select an interesting-looking taller plant to place in the middle of your chosen planter to act as a focal point. Choose trailing plants that can be planted around the sides to spill out of the planter. Lastly, select a filler plant that can cover the remaining spaces.  Make sure all the plants you choose have similar watering and sunlight needs so the whole container garden can thrive.

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