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Decorating With Desert Rose

garden design accessories
Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Desert Rose is a unique and beautiful stone that provides a great alternative to living roses. Today, we’ll explore some of the many ways this alluring stone can be used in your home’s rock garden.

Using Desert Rose stones that vary in size and shape will stand out when they are used to accent a walkway made with square stones or tile. Rigid geometric lines and smooth, flat textures will contrast with these unique stones in a beautifully striking way.

To create more contrast, surround the stone with colorful garden arrangements. This will bring out the vibrant color of surrounding stones, plants, or other garden design accessories, while also bringing attention to the Desert Rose’s interesting texture.

A Japanese style garden can incorporate these rocks with flora and water features to create a tranquil, comforting outdoor area. Try lining the bridge of your Japanese tea garden with Desert Rose stones, or use them to line walkways like we previously mentioned.

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